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Everything you need to know about hamburgers


The term hamburger comes from the word “Hamburg” (Hamburg), the second largest city in Germany, from where many emigrants left to reach the United States, bringing with them this typical Northern European way of cooking meat.

The “hamburger steak” (it was initially called that) became more and more popular until it became the most popular dish in the New World.

Today the hamburger is as successful as pizza and has spread all over the world.

In Europe, the hamburger, and American food in general, has conquered everyone.

In addition to the many specialized chains, there are truly authentic places where you can taste the hamburger at a superior level.

Here are 5 reasons why the Red Garter’s hamburger wins over the competition:

It is handcrafted daily using only fresh local meat. Red Garter said no to the most common and economical practice of renowned chains to use frozen meat.

Fresh products maintain their properties and authentic taste unchanged. And you can taste the difference!

It follows original traditional recipes. In the wide choice of burgers available to the customer, there is the Rodeo Burger with onion rings, or the Mexican Burger with the famous guacamole sauce. All to be tasted by those who don’t know them yet!

They are available in multiple sizes! It’s the Hamburger that adapts to the stomach that’s about to welcome it, not the other way around! The burgers at Red Garter are served in 3 different sizes, for the customer to choose from: the single 150-gram burger for those who want to taste more than one, or for girls watching their figure, up to the XXL, the massive 550-gram burger nicknamed GIANT. Only for the bravest!

NOT JUST MEAT: The Hamburger at Red Garter is for everyone. For those who prefer other options, there is the VEGGIE BURGER (100% vegetarian) or the SALMON BURGER, made with excellent Norwegian salmon.

THE PRICE. Despite the high quality of the raw ingredients and the prestigious location in the historic city center, Red Garter continues its commitment to maintaining fair and affordable prices for all.

What else is there to add? Seeing is believing!

In the photo: Red Garter Burger: beef burger from Tuscan farms, with a heart of sautéed spinach and cheddar cheese, accompanied by bacon, tomato, and homemade sauce.

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