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6 practical tips for an awesome karaoke


6 practical tips for an awesome karaoke

If you’re reading this you’re probably a karaoke enthusiast, or just curious. Or maybe you secretly dream of riling up a screaming audience with the notes of “We Are The Champions” by Queen, but you’ll never admit it.

Whatever category you belong to, here are six essential tips for a stellar karaoke!

The song. Know it. Otherwise, you risk the “intermittent effect”, which in the long run… We understand each other!

Don’t strip. Even if the song really gets to you and you feel like a mix between Mickey Rourke and Mick Jagger (when young), just don’t, really. We’re saying this for you.

Especially if you’re a beginner, sing a popular song. Otherwise, you’ll start seeing people going to the bathroom, going out for a smoke, talking loudly…starting to throw things at you… In short, it’s not pleasant, you see.

If you want a real effect to choose a song that matches your mood for the evening. If you just got dumped for example, a nice “ANGELS” by Robbie Williams could work really well. Or something else… but we won’t write those words on this blog.

Don’t be a daredevil, choose a song within your abilities…and if you see you can’t reach a note, point the microphone towards the audience encouraging them to sing. It’s quite obsequious but it always works.

Have fun (but still keep point 2 in mind, okay?) and never take yourself too seriously! Karaoke can also be therapeutic if you’re a chronic introvert. Or if you want to test yourself with something you’ve always believed wasn’t for you.

Try it, you may discover a world of emotions you didn’t know. We’ll be waiting for you with open mics every night of the year!


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